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Turkish Combat Sports Instructor

Since the first periods of human history, Turks have attached great importance to physical development and engaged in various sports in terms of both protecting themselves and prolonging their life span. The struggle to survive in harsh natural conditions has placed the concept of different Turkish martial arts in our origins. This fighting spirit was revived with the Turkish Martial Arts Instructor. In addition to his achievements in different martial arts, Mikail Çetiner took the martial arts phenomenon in Turkey to a whole new level as the founder of the local martial art Aslando. The Turkish martial art Aslando, of which he is the founder, is known and trained in many countries of the world. Developed based on special techniques and tactics, Aslando stands out among Turkish Martial Sports with its martial art aspect.

Turkish Combat Sports trainer developed Aslando training to teach all the techniques of fighting. Those who are looking for an Ankara martial arts instructor can get training from Mikail Çetiner, who gives training on Turkish martial arts, which has a very important place in our history, not in street fighting format, but based on tolerance and kindness. Mikail Çetiner, who introduced a special sport that supports both physical development and spiritual motivation into our lives, highlights the intelligent and tolerant nature of the Turks in addition to their combative nature. Men, women and children of all ages can take the Aslando training, which is geared towards thinking smart and acting fast rather than a classic combat sport, and can learn to protect themselves without breaking with our traditional structure.