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Mikail Ali Çetiner

Mikail Ali Çetiner was born in 1979 in Austria. He is the third child of a family Turkmen descent, whose ancestors already 180 years ago in the district Kaman (old name: Turkmenendorf), which is connected to the city Kırşehir, immigrated. After his completion of primary school and secondary school in the Austrian town of Baden he completed his engineering degree.

His foot in the world of sports he continued in 1983 with 4 years and started through the promotion and support of his family with the training of Korean martial arts such as Taekwondo and Hapkido. His agility, endurance and his stamina at the age of 4 years were already harbingers that he would be even a successful athlete. To promote his talent, his family had him from the 1985 parallel learning Karate and Aikido, which are Japanese martial arts.

During his training, he acquired a very good discipline towards sport. In the childrens class, he scored innumerable successes. The numerous graduations and awards he received were not lost on his family and they supported him fully in his professional Thai and kick-boxing career. Ultimately, it was time that he spent every day of the week with the training of Far Eastern martial arts, which should pay off in the future.

After receiving the black belt, he already earned at the age of 16 years based on the stored Belt examination, he successfully took part in numerous competitions, which further increased its graduations. These successes are also several world titles as World Mixed Martial Arts Champion. He scored in various Far Eastern martial arts master and received the honor as countless times the title "Technically Most athletes worldwide".

He worked in various countries around the world with sports research. He learned the martial arts Taekwondo, Hapkido, Karate, Aikido, Boxing, Thai - boxing, kick - boxing, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Jujutsu, Judo, fencing, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu before he began developing his own system. In 2000 he added the puzzle consisting of his sporting achievements, experiences, the appropriated knowledge and the 5,000 year history of wars, from which todays Turkey has emerged into a large image together (see: 3 The story and birth of ASLANDO ), which is also the important property of the people of the Turks Sports, the rings contains, and rolled up his sleeves to present his new, groundbreaking combat and defense technology in the world. Developed by Mikail Ali Çetiner attack and defense technique called "ASLANDO" ("way of the lion"). (see also: What is the first ASLANDO?)

The development of ASLANDO The purpose, the culture, customs, traditions and customs of Turkey over the world to present to promote community and solidarity; involving all cultures and historical elements of world history to make regardless of religion, race and color a contribution to world peace; to give people confidence to spread around the world and to promote that sport becomes a part of everyday life, in particular children, who are our future, but also adults to keep away from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or generally speaking, of all the bad habits that you could acquire.

Mikail Ali Çetiner is married and father of three children. His biggest hobbies are sports, reading, participate in various research and his parrot breeding. As founder, instructor and President of the "World Federation Aslando" he currently continues his life in Germany.